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Development Lotteries Board........

Development Lotteries has been enriching the lives of people of Sri Lanka since January 19, 1983.From the inception DLB has made tremendous contribution to the Sri Lankan nation through millions of Rupees as prizes and millions as profit to the President’s Fund.

DLB is the most innovative and trend setting Lottery Organization in Sri Lanka. From the inception of the Development Lottery, it has used state of the art technology for printing of Lottery tickets and all prize payment to the general public.

Further, as a corporate citizen, DLB is operating lotteries with honesty, integrity and responsibility in promotion, management and administration of lotteries in Sri Lanka.


Vacancies for Dealers at Development Lotteries Board

Applications from the following districts are given priority:

  • Colombo
  • Gampaha
  • Kurunegala
  • Anuradhapura
  • Galle
  • Matara
  • Rathnapura
  • Kandy

Applicants are invited to fill-in the application form and send it to:


Development Lotteries Board

No 356, Dr.Colvin R. De Silva Mawatha,

Union Place, Colombo 02.


Development Lotteries Board introduces ‘Kotipathi Shanidha’ on Sundays

Colombo, Sri Lanka, December 2 2016 –Development Lotteries Board (DLB) has been enriching the lives of the Sri Lankan populous since its inception in 1983.  Kotipathi Shanida is one of the key brand from the portfolio of Development Lotteries Board. Kotipathi Shanida lottery tickets are drawn every Tuesday and Friday and has the highest starting jackpot of Rs. 75 Million. In addition to this Kotipathi Shanida will be introduced every Sunday from December 2016 giving the loyal consumers the prospect to win.

Lottery tickets have been on sale since 27th November 2016 and made available at all outlets and distributors.


Sanwardana lakshapathy offer much more

The Sanwardhana Lakshapathi ticket drawn every Monday offers you much more than ,Just the first prize of 100,000 rupees.Now you have 100 chances to win prizes of 10,000 rupees.


“Development Fortune” re-launched with a new range of prizes.

The Development Lotteries Board, which has earned prestige for being the leader of introducing latest trends to the lottery market, has taken measures to launch a new lottery from the 15th of December 2016 that quell the desire of lottery buyers who are desperate on a new range of prizes. The new initiative was announced at a media briefing which was held at the Development Lotteries Board recently. The new ticket will be launched under the brand name “Development Fortune” which has been a household name in the past.
The Mega Jackpot, Super Jackpot and Jackpot of the new lottery will be Rs. 5,000,000/- , Rs. 2,000,000/- and Rs. 1,000,000/-, respectively. In addition, Rs. 500,000/- prizes and a range middle and low level prizes are on offer.


Super Ball ‘Luckey Season’ Special Draw with Amazing Prizes

The Super Ball ‘Luckey Season’ special promo has been introduced by the Development Lotteries Board with more great prizes apart from the super jackpot. The special draw will be held on 29th December, 2016. Super Ball customers now have the chance to win valuable prizes. In addition to the existing cash prizes, the draw will be selected from the special numbers consisting of 7 digits. Six prizes will be offered based on these numbers.

First prize – Valuable motor car

Second prize –  5 scooties