“Development Fortune” re-launched with a new range of prizes.

The Development Lotteries Board, which has earned prestige for being the leader of introducing latest trends to the lottery market, has taken measures to launch a new lottery from the 15th of December 2016 that quell the desire of lottery buyers who are desperate on a new range of prizes. The new initiative was announced at a media briefing which was held at the Development Lotteries Board recently. The new ticket will be launched under the brand name “Development Fortune” which has been a household name in the past.
The Mega Jackpot, Super Jackpot and Jackpot of the new lottery will be Rs. 5,000,000/- , Rs. 2,000,000/- and Rs. 1,000,000/-, respectively. In addition, Rs. 500,000/- prizes and a range middle and low level prizes are on offer.