DLB’S Vision, Mission & Goals

Our Vision

‘Premier fortune making public entity in Sri Lanka’

Our Mission

‘Conducting innovative and attractive Lotteries using state of the art technology, upholding trust and being excellent in fulfilling the aspirations of stakeholders at all times.’


  • Increase the market share
  • Maximize contribution to President Fund
  • Acquire and utilize modern technology effectively
  • Fulfill the expectations of stakeholders


1. Integrity
The lotteries that we offer, and the way we conduct business, is fair, honest and trustworthy.

2. Positive Attitudes
The DLB employees hold the optimistic approach to every challenge they are to face carrying out lottery business.

3. Result Orientation
The DLB employees are confident in their roles and focus on achieving the given targets in an effective manner.

4. Innovation
The employees of DLB are encouraged to seek ideas that will improve the business and decide and act quickly in response to strategic and competitive market changes.

5. Teamwork
The DLB employees work together to achieve organizational goals while fostering openness, mutual respect and individual development.

6. Orientation Towards Excellence
The DLB employees strive to maximize the quality of service continuously.