Development Lotteries Board


"Ada Kotipathi" Ticket Launch


Development Lotteries offer fabulous prizes on all 7 days!

Development Lotteries Board, renowned for launching innovative ways to attract customers have just introduced a new lottery ticket titled ‘අද කෝටිපති’ that has revolutionized the market.  The draws for the new lottery will be held on all seven days of the week. 

The inaugural draw is scheduled to be held on Thursday 31st August 2017 and the new Lottery will be launched on 15th August 2017.  The array of prizes offered are also innovatively designed commencing with a mammoth Rs.500, 000 as the initial winning reward. Along with this inaugural prize, there is a collection of other prizes ranging from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 offered to the lucky winners. 

75 balls numbered from 1 to 75 from which 4 have the winning numbers are combined with letters from the English alphabet on 26 balls to choose the final lucky winners. 


Prize Format                                                                      Prize Amount

Each English Alphabet                                                       Rs.  20/-

1 number                                                                            Rs. 20/-

2 numbers                                                                          Rs. 100/-

3 numbers                                                                          Rs. 1000/-

4 numbers                                                                          Rs. 1,000,000/-

1 number with an English alphabet                                    Rs. 40/-

2 numbers with an English alphabet                                  Rs. 1000/-

3 numbers with an English alphabet                                  Rs. 100,000/-

4 numbers with an English alphabet                                  Rs. 50,000,000/-

In addition to this prize structure, each ticket gets two chances to win.  Under this format, tickets with 4 numbers after the first prize has been awarded, receives Rs. 20/- for 2 numbers, Rs. 500/- for 3 numbers and Rs. 50,000/- for 4 numbers. 

Profits from the Development Lottery are credited to the President’s Fund and Mahapola Scholarship Fund enabling many students to achieve higher education. The objective of Development Lotteries is to continue to uplift the development services provided to the nation.

Scholarships for the children of Sales Agents of DLB who are selected for Universities
Conference of sales agents of DLB in Jaffna
DLB distributes sales outlets and cash prizes to sales agents of Ampara and Batticaloa districts